Mobile Terra Sistema is Italian for what Galileo called the “Moving Earth System” which we now call the heliocentric model of the solar system.    For me Galileo’s work represents the first and most dramatic parable in the complex human struggle to reconcile science and faith.   It also represents the dawn of a new way of thinking about the natural world that became the most successful human intellectual system of thought ever invented by man.

In this blog, I would like to write about my thoughts on science, faith, and the intersection of the two from my perspective as both a Christian in a mainline Protestant denomination and a person trained in science and engineering.

My name is Dudley Chapman and I am a degreed physicist and electrical engineer.   I am happily married with two great children who are now adults out seeking their fame and fortune.

I am politicaly very liberal but I have a contradictory streak of liberarian in me.   I believe that there are great social issues that can only be solved by entities with the scope and size of our government.   But the libertarian in me realizes that there has never been a government in history whose executive branch did not abuse its power.   Yes, this creates a kind of conundrum for me, but that is why life is so interesting.

I am a devout ELCA Lutheran who believes that we are saved by the grace of the God known to us through Jesus.   There is nothing we can do about it or need to do about it but to trust it as much as we are able.


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