The Cult of the Literal Adam

  I have the distinct pleasure of conversing from time to time with a brilliant thinker, James Knight, who writes eloquently about theology, science, and the reconciliation of the two.    He recently wrote an article on a UK website that beautifully expresses how taking the stance of strict literalism destroys the profundity and meaning of the Book of Genesis (among others).

This is not an original notion of his, since the mainline denominations would all say the same thing (however, actual mileage may vary amongst individual congregation members, though.).  But he has managed to express this difficult concept eloquently.

It is interesting that it drew the attention of Ken Ham, who is famous for his distortions of scripture and of science, who makes his living pandering to fearful Christian fundamentalists.


Evolution Explained with Weasels, Flashcards, and Telescopes.

One of the barriers that seem to keep Intelligent Design proponents and Creationists from understanding the theory of evolution has to do with a complaint about how the process of random mutation and natural selection could produce anything new.

You can often hear the objection voiced in a few different ways, but it is used as justification that a process that does not involve help from an intelligent agent could not possibly create new information in the DNA of an organism.  I propose in this article a demonstration for how that is possible. Continue reading