Possibly Found: One Higg’s Boson. Needs Good Home.

Big announcement tomorrow from the Large Hadron Collider project.    It appears that two different detectors in the LHC have found the last of the predicted particles in the so called Standard Model for quantum physics.    As particle accelerators got bigger, each of the particles that the model predicted were found except the largest one called The Higgs Boson.

The only puzzle was why each of the different kind of particles had the mass that they have.    The one undetected particle that gives mass to all the rest, convert energy from the Higgs Field to mass.  That is where it gets its name.

Journalists have sometimes called it the God Particle because it is the one that can bring matter out of the all permeating Higgs Field.    It is essential to the Big Bang Theory in explaining where matter comes from.   It also is a component of a number of other theories that might be able to describe the structure of these particles with an even deeper cosmological theory.

The physicist predicted that the Higgs would be within a certain mass range and it appears that the detectors found it near the low end of that range.

One of the goals of the LHC was to generate enough energy to flush out this elusive particle. Tomorrow, the lead scientist at CERN, the home of the LHC project will be making an announcement about the Higgs Boson findings.    The rumor is that the data is compelling but not yet complete.   They are looking for a 5 sigma certainty where right now the two detectors give a 2.5 and a 3 sigma certainty.

Rather than spreading more rumors, I will let the announcement provide the details.  Stay tuned to Google News or your favorite science blogger for tomorrow’s news.

In the meantime, let Dr. Lisa Randall explain the Higgs Boson.


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